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Enhance Competitive Advantages in Innovation in San Jose, CA

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group and Silicon Valley Community Foundation joined together in 2015 to develop the Silicon Valley Competitiveness and Innovation Project (SVCIP). It was created to proactively identify a data-driven, overarching economic strategy to enhance competitive advantages in innovation in San Jose, CA, and ensure that Silicon Valley residents have access to the job opportunities and prosperity linked to growth in key industries.

Public policies at the local, state and federal level play a key role in this economic strategy. Guided by an advisory council and a series of discussions with legislators, business and civic leaders, the SVCIP team developed an Indicator Dashboard and public policy priorities to evaluate and promote the health of Silicon Valley’s innovation ecosystem.

The innovation economy encompasses a range of assets and innovation processes, as well as innovation industries, comprised of companies that research, develop and scale new technologies, uses, and processes, and support the development of startup companies. The health of these industries affects the entire regional economy, helping to create direct and indirect jobs and opportunity in good economic times, and directly causing a loss of jobs and reducing demand for local services (and the jobs associated with them) during difficult economic times. For this report, the Silicon Valley region includes Santa Clara, San Mateo, and San Francisco counties.

The 2016 Update suggests that while Silicon Valley continues to create jobs, the foundations of prosperity are under strain. Throughout 2016, the SVCIP team will continue to monitor progress and update the Indicator Dashboard. Subscribe here to track SVCIP’s quarterly updates.

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For nearly 40 years the Silicon Valley Leadership Group has represented the public policy interests of companies in the region, and at present consists of nearly 400 member companies. Learn more at svlg.org.

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Silicon Valley Community Foundation advances innovative philanthropic solutions to challenging problems. As the largest community foundation in the world, we engage donors and corporations from Silicon Valley, across the country and around the globe to make our region and the world better for all. Our passion for helping people and organizations achieve their philanthropic dreams has created a global philanthropic enterprise committed to the belief that possibilities start here. Learn more at siliconvalleycf.org.